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Through initiating personal exploration and teaching individuals how to apply their talents in more expansive ways, we can maximize talent.

Are you tapping into your people's talents? What percentage of time are they truly productive? When your people—either new employees or existing employees—understand their talents, they are able to express new aspects of themselves in meaningful ways. Place them in the right seat and see what happens: increased performance, higher levels of engagement and a satisfying, fulfilled life. Simply put, you experience growth and success and they experience growth and success. A win-win.

New Employees


The success of a company includes building a culture and brand that naturally attracts the right people, and attracting the right people is a far better strategy than having to continually search for the right people. We can help.


In today’s competitive environment, selecting and hiring the right people is key to your success, but how do you really know if a candidate is the right fit for you and your organization?

Some companies have very elaborate interviewing and hiring practices, yet the probability of attracting and securing highly talented employees who naturally excel in a given role is rather low. In many cases, you’d have better luck taping a list of names to a wall and throwing darts at it.

An effective selection process entails a series of forks in the road. Each fork separates those with the natural tendency to succeed from those without. The final fork leaves a small number of candidates remaining who are best suited for the position at hand, thus allowing for an increasingly efficient investment of energy, time and resources. Having a solid selection process in place enables you to attract candidates who have high potential—like your best people.

We can help you

  • Understand and clarify your current culture
  • Analyze your existing organizational structure
  • Design a superior selection process, predictively selecting the best people to grow your company
  • Decipher your current team’s strengths, talents and dynamics
  • Identify gaps in your workforce
  • Create clarity in the roles and define the specific talents, skills and knowledge you are seeking
  • Assist you in assessing the talent
  • Develop the right questions to ask your candidates


"You only have one first day." And the first day is the most important day for a new employee. Having an effective onboarding process in place is essential to bringing your new employees up to speed seamlessly, efficiently and productively.

An effective onboarding process involves ensuring all administrative tasks are completed, including payroll, taxes, healthcare and employee benefits. Another key aspect is ensuring that personal introductions take place with key leaders and team members. And, it is also key to have them begin their tenure learning about their strengths. Making an investment in every new employee’s development goes a long way toward demonstrating the company’s commitment to their long-term success.

We can help you design a new onboarding process or revamp an existing one. Whatever your needs entail, we are here to help you make a first great impression with your new employees.

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Existing Employees


According to Gallup research, “more than 50 percent of the U.S. workforce does not clearly understand what is expected of them at work.” This startling statistic validates the need to establish clear expectations with leaders, managers and workers.


Without clearly defined accountability measures in place, organizational performance suffers. Human psychology validates that people focus on what is being measured. If you can measure it, you can manage it. And if you can manage it, you can improve it.


Many performance review processes tend to result in an agonizing and negative experience for the employees. Through our work as human capital experts, we have discovered many of the reasons why these reviews have a stigma of being negative: number one being that the company does not have clear accountability measures established.

Our team of experts can help you build an effective performance review process, ensuring that the expectations, accountability measures and performance outcomes are properly linked.

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