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Maya Bonacci

Maya Bonacci

Marketing Coordinator


Through her attention to detail, Maya assists our team in both marketing and the preparation of client materials. She is a team player and quick to say “yes” to anything that benefits our team in achieving our organizational goals. She has a strong commitment to making sure our team is following our quality policies and procedures in the most efficient manner. She strives to keep our clients and community informed and up to date on the news and events that benefit them in their workplace through both social media and our newsletter. She is also instrumental in developing various charts for selection, coaching, intervention and succession planning. With the ability to handle a variety of projects, she is driven by the desire to succeed for client satisfaction.

Maya graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelors in Business Administration focusing on human resources management and marketing. She loves a fresh coat of paint and any DIY project. She finds great joy in helping to educate her children through their collaborative school.