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Before you can add value to your team, you must first understand yourself.

Whether you’re looking to transition careers, need help refining your goals or are unsure how your strengths fit your future path, our Individual Coaching solutions can help guide the way.

Career Coaching

Meaningful change leads to increased performance, higher levels of engagement and a satisfying, fulfilled life. In short, it leads to your growth and success.

Our team can help you address whatever may be blocking your success. As a partner and coach, we can help bring clarity to your situation and facilitate the kind of effective, courageous decision-making necessary for you to thrive. Whether you are considering a career change or in need of career coaching, we can move you toward a more open, transparent feeling and a life that’s more fulfilling and more in line with who you want it to be.

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Career Transition

Are you in a job with limited potential? Are you feeling disengaged in your job every day? Are you unsure of how to move out of what you are doing into an area of passion?

A career change may be calling. We specialize in helping individuals bring clarity to the myriad of available career options, within their existing organization or breaking out into a whole new space. How can you create your new business you have been dreaming of? How can you transition from corporate to entrepreneur? Having clear direction helps to elevate your confidence throughout the career transition process. Together, we can create a transition strategy that will dramatically increase your likelihood of success.

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Life Coaching

Accountability is key to success, and a coach can help keep you accountable in pursuing your goals, providing you with consistency to keep you on course. Having a confidant can be very helpful, whether going through a transition or seeking clarity and direction in life.

  • Do you want a more fulfilling life but are unsure how to achieve it?
  • Are you looking for a more inspired and confident life?
  • Are you seeking more clarity in your life?
  • Do you know what you want but are having trouble making it happen?

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Student Strengths Package

Every year as graduation approaches, family members of high school and college students and professionals who work with teens seek advice for the young adults in their lives.

"My daughter does not know how her talents will help her find success in a career. How can I help her?"

"How can I help my son narrow his options as he searches for a career and is considering college?"

"I am looking for a gift that will have a lasting impact on my niece's future."

At LSC Group, we believe that investing in these young leaders can help them discover their strengths at an early age, enabling them to fine-tune their potential career path and maximize their success for the future.

Coaching young adults enhances self-awareness and helps them to understand what they do best and how their strengths relate to their current and future lives. It also provides clarity around decision-making relative to college, junior college and career choices and provides a greater understanding of interviews and scholarship, college and job applications.

This package includes

  1. Introductory questionnaire
  2. Clifton StrengthsFinder™ Assessment
  3. A 45-minute, one-to-one consultation with a strengths expert

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