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Creating meaningful change and consistent, high-level performance begins with understanding your people.

We can help ensure your people are engaged and inspired to perform at the highest level as well as help you develop a process for selecting and hiring new employees who will fit seamlessly into your structure.

Team & Individual Performance

Team Performance

Often we encounter teams with varying team dynamics: drama, conflict, a lack of collaboration. This can occur due to personality conflicts—nice people, wrong role and many other varying combinations. It leads to a loss of productivity, loss of dollars in labor costs and emotional drama. That’s where we come in.

At LSC Group, we take a strengths-based approach to team building, focusing first on individual strengths and then on the overall team profile. This discovery process creates a new perspective, allowing team leaders to more effectively manage their teams, leverage strengths and address weaknesses. This process may include a better understanding of self and others; learning and development if a particular weakness happens to be a skill; education if the weakness is due to a lack of understanding; or recruitment of new members if the weakness is a talent-void. By learning individual strengths, a team can better work together, creating a more engaging, productive environment.


Individual Performance

Statistics show that only 30 percent of employees are actively engaged at work. This leaves a large number of apathetic employees who fail to give it their best, fail to serve your customers consistently and fail to contribute to your company’s growth. We can help.

Individuals perform best when you understand them as a whole person and align their responsibilities with their talents. If you are not looking at them holistically, you may not be utilizing them to their full potential. If people are not in roles that are aligned to their strengths, chances are they are not engaged, which can cause stress, unhappiness and psychological distress in the workplace, not to mention lost productivity, increased absenteeism and turnover rates.

Lack of engagement also adversely affects a company’s bottom line as employees’ productivity decreases, while their pay remains the same. These individuals’ apathy can also be disruptive to a team, spreading disengagement. Additionally, these individuals are less likely to provide optimal customer service. For companies, there is a direct relationship between disengaged employees and lost revenue potential.

How do you know if your people are fully engaged? We work with your company and your people to ensure that individual team members are in the right role, that their strengths are “a good fit” with the outcomes they are expected to achieve.

Succession Planning

Tenure and longevity is of great value to a company, but what happens when a valuable employee retires, leaves, becomes ill or relocates? Leaders don’t plan to fail; they hope that day never comes. But if and when it does, are they prepared to actually turn the keys over? While effective leaders plan well in advance as to whom may be the best candidate to succeed them or fill other key positions, most organizations are not effective at truly understanding leadership potential, the dynamics of how the new team will collaborate and the impact this all has on the culture. We can assist in helping develop a plan including transitioning talent, communication and repositioning those who are not a fit.

Succession planning should be part of your organizational infrastructure in order for sustainable success to occur. We can help you start planning today.

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